Different Types of Bail Bonds

Different bonds serve different purposes. Every situation is unique and has specific circumstances that impact the amount of bond as well as its availability. Once bail has been set, the defendant normally wants to be bonded out as soon as possible so they can resume their normal routine.

Federal Bail Bonds:

Federal bail bonds are called for when a person is charged with a federal crime. This type of bond is more costly than bonds associated with other types of offenses. A reputable bail bonds agent may be able to save you money when dealing with federal bonds.

Immigration Bonds:

Immigration bonds are needed for foreign nationals and other people who are not American citizens. Like federal bonds, an immigration bond can be extremely expensive and pose a substantial risk for the bonds agent. They can be extremely difficult to obtain due to the defendant's status as a high flight risk. An immigration bond can be quite complicated and should be handled with great care.

Cash Bonds:

If a cash bond is available, some individuals may choose to go that route. The entire bond can be paid in cash to obtain the release of the defendant. Even though the money is eventually returned, minus costs and fees, the entire bail amount will be held until the court process is completed.

Surety Bonds:

Surety bonds require collateral. When a surety bond is used, there are stipulations placed on the release of the defendant, including mandatory court appearances, the payment of fees and fines as well as the completion of drug and alcohol treatment programs. When surety bonds are used, the co-signer may have to find several different contracts with the bail bonds agency.

Property Bail Bonds:

Courts will sometimes allow co-signers to use property as collateral for bail. In order to use property as bail, the co-signer will have to fill out several forms and agree to follow specific procedures. In some cases, they may have to relinquish the property during the time the bond is in effect. In most cases, the property's value must be double the total bond amount for it to be accepted by the court as collateral for a bond.


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