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Bail bonds are rarely the topic of conversation unless someone has been arrested or a loved one finds themselves in a situation. Most people don't know the difference between a cash bond, a surety bond or a property bond. That's fine, because at 50 Bail Bonds in Malibu, CA our agents are here to answer your questions and help you take care of the situation.

Bad Things Happen to Good People

Anyone can get arrested, even people who have a good reputation and don't commit crimes. In cases where the person has never been in trouble before, realizing the immediate need for a Malibu bail bonds agent can put them into a panic. Don't stress the situation, call 50 Bail Bonds and let one of our reputable agents guide you through the process. With offices all over the southern part of the state, we can be where you need us in a short period of time. An arrest can cause irreparable damage to a family, especially their financial situation. Once we get the process started, we can have your loved one back out and resuming their normal, daily routine as soon as possible.

Why You Need Us

When you are in a stressful situation, you need a bail bonds agency that has the experience and the knowledge to get you through it without adding more frustration. At 50 Bail Bonds, our agents are licensed and bonded and have several years of experience. We know it isn't easy to come up with bail money, that's why we go the extra mile to make sure we can help you out. We even offer payment plans for individuals who qualify for our zero down, low interest rate agreements.

Our agents do not keep banker's hours. We are ready when you need us, no matter when that is. All of our offices are open 24/7 and have an agent on hand at all times. We are available on holidays and weekends as well. Your case is our priority and we will go the extra mile to make sure you understand everything that is going on. From the defendant's arrest in Malibu to the release of the case by the court, if you have questions, we can help you find the answers.

Bail Bonds Made Easy

Cash bonds, surety bonds and property bonds are not as difficult as they seem. Once a person has been arrested and bail has been set, a co-signer can post bond and have the defendant released. A cash bond is paid directly to the jail, while surety and property bail bonds must be contracted through a licensed bail bonds agency.

For a surety or property bond, a co-signer must fill out an application and either pay a fee (normally 10 percent of the total bail bond) or put items such as a piece of property up for collateral. If property is used, it's value must exceed 150 percent of the total value of the bail bond. For the fees associated with a surety bond, cash, credit cards and money orders are accepted. Once the bond has been paid and the defendant has been released from jail, the bail bonds agent will go over the detainee's rights and responsibilities.

After a defendant has been bailed out of jail, they must agree to comply with the orders of the court, one of which is to appear at all court hearings. When the judicial proceedings are over and the case is closed, the bail money that was posted will be released back to the Malibu bail bond agency and the file will be finalized. If the defendant skips bail and does not appear at their scheduled hearing, they will forfeit their bond money and the co-signer will be held financially responsible for the entire amount.

It is important to remember that the ability to post bail is a constitutional right under the 8th Amendment of the United States Constitution. With that right comes responsibilities that include upholding the law and complying with the orders of the court. If a person has posted bail their first obligation is to the court. They must agree to appear at any and all scheduled court hearings as well as not get into any more trouble while they are out on bail. Once these conditions have been met and the case is cleared, the defendant can move forward with their life. Defendants who do not comply with the court's orders can jeopardize their right to obtain bail in the future.

No matter what time of day or night, call 50 Bail Bonds in Malibu, CA when you need a loved one bailed out of jail fast. You need an agency you can trust to handle the situation fast and efficiently. Call our office at 310-282-0700 when you are in a difficult situation. We are here to help!

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