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At 50 Bail Bonds, it is our goal to be there for each and every one of our clients whenever they need us. As one of the top bail bonds agencies in the Santa Monica area, we understand the law and how the local law enforcement works. We know how the Santa Monica bail bonds process works and will help you navigate through until the very end.

When Things Don't Go As Planned

The qualified agents at 50 Bail Bond have several years of experience in both writing and posting bail bonds. We have a working relationship with both local law enforcement and the local courts that helps the process go smoothly. Our agents understand that many of the people who need our services have never had to deal with an arrest or bailing someone out of jail. When the frustration and confusion subsides, we are there to help you and your loved one get through the process. We will take it one step at a time to make sure you understand every aspect of what is going on.

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50 Bail Bonds has offices all over the state of California. One phone call to our office and an agent will be on the line to answer all of your questions. Each office is staffed 24 hours a day so that whenever you call us, we will be there. We have convenient payment plans available to help you finance the bail money you will need. An arrest is not something that is planned for and most people don't have sufficient amount of cash to post a straight cash bond. That is why we are here to help.

Santa Monica Bail Bonds the Right Way

After an arrest has been made, the defendant will be given a bail bond amount if it is agreed that they be able to bond out and be released from jail. In cases where the offenses are minor, the defendant's bail will be determined by a bond schedule that has been developed by local judges. In cases where the crime is of a violent nature, there is a risk of physical injury to others or there is a possibility of the defendant not appearing for court, the judge may demand that the defendant be held in jail until an arraignment hearing can be held. If the crimes are severe enough, the judge may decide that no bail should be allowed and the defendant must stay behind bars until their trial.

Once the intake process has been completed and bond has been posted, the release process begins. The release process is dependent on how busy the jail is and how many inmates are being transferred in. It can take as little as 2 hours or as many as 8 to be bonded out of jail. Once the defendant is released, our Santa Monica bail bond agent will talk to both the defendant and the co-signer will be advised of what their obligations are. The most important obligation for the defendant is the promise to appear at their court hearings. Failure to do so will result in their entire bail bond being forfeited and the co-signer being responsible for the whole amount.

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If you are in the Santa Monica area and find yourself in need of a reputable and experienced bail bond agency, call 50 Bail Bonds today! Our number is 310-282-0700. Call us any time of day or night, holidays or weekends. We are here for you when no one else is. We will not only bail you out of jail, but we will make sure you have everything you need before and after court. We will even go to court with you if that is what you need for us to do.

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